About Mandag Morgen

Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning) is a magazine and a think tank. We help decision makers identify and understand the challenges our society is facing, and we develop and communicate new solutions to those challenges. We cover a range of topics, including healthcare, local politics, education, welfare, digital society, sustainability and business.

Mandag Morgen is

  • Mandag Morgen Weekly  a digital and print magazine with weekly analyses as well as occasional thematic special issues.
  • Mandag Morgen Think Tank – our project development department, which specialises in analytic reports, events, workshops and networks.

Our Values

Mandag Morgen combines competencies from the fields of media, academia and consulting and we are in constant development, which makes many of our activities experimental in nature. Therefore, no well-established set of ethical guidelines suitable for a company like Mandag Morgen exist. Accordingly, we have had to develop our own ethical principles, suited for our unique concept and working conditions. They are:

  • Documentation: Our work must be comprehensively documented to ensure that all products of Mandag Morgen build on the best available knowledge.
  • Fairness: All those directly affected by the work of Mandag Morgen should be treated fairly. This includes sources as well as persons and organizations mentioned in Mandag Morgen products.
  • Independence: Our strict independence guarantees that Mandag Morgeng always maintains clear demarcations Mandag Morgen and its external partners and clients as well as internally between different parts of the organization.

The employees of Mandag Morgen primarily include high level experts and top academics with post-graduate degrees in business management, government administration, political science, sociology, anthropology and journalism.

Employees in all parts of Mandag Morgen and in all locations cooperate with each other and with a broad range of relevant external consultants and institutions – nationally and internationally.

For an overview of, and contact information for, Mandag Morgen employees, please click here.

Mandag Morgen ApS is a subsidiary of Rasmus Nielsen Holding ApS.

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